Film Scans

MPI can scan any film size up to 8x10, including 35mm mounted slides.
We can scan the whole roll or selected frames. Your scans can be saved to a CD, DVD, or USB drive(supplied by customer)

& Print Scans

(for print sizes up to 8.5" x 11")

Artwork Scans

(for all original artwork, or a print that is larger than 8.5" x 11")
An accurate reproduction of your original work of art is a top priority for an artist. Whether your goal is to produce high-quality editions, an online portfolio, press-ready digital files, or fine art printing, we understand the unique challenges of copy work and strive for the highest quality.

From flat artwork, photographs, and large-format paintings to three-dimensional artwork, we can scan it all with our new Better Light Super 6K-HS digital scanning back.

The scanning back is attached to a Sinar 4x5 view camera. It scans the entire image plane to fully reproduce colors, unlike DSLR sensors, which interpolate colors.

The digital files are a very high resolution (up to 9000 by 12000 pixels), which allows the artwork to be reproduced at virtually any size.

$40 per original scanned and saved to CD/DVD or
$30 per original if print is ordered at the time of scanning (print must be at least $10)