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Film Processing

We can process film in the following sizes - 35mm, 120, 220, 4x5 sheets, and 8x10 sheets.
"Process only" means we will only develop the film, nothing else. You'll receive the whole roll uncut and sleeved.
We can scan the whole roll at the time of processing for an additional $14.40.
Roll scans are 8x12/10x10 at 300 dpi tiff or jpeg. Higher resolution scans will be charged the per negative scan price.
We can print proofs at the time of processing for .96 per print (4x6, 4x5, 5x5, etc...)
C-41Process onlyScan to CD (add $14.40)
35mm 24 Exp6.0020.40
35mm 36 Exp6.5020.90
4x5 sheet film4.50per neg price
8x10 sheet film14.40per neg price

B&WProcess onlyScan to CD (add $14.40)
35mm 24 Exp9.5024.00
35mm 36 Exp10.5025.00
4x5 Sheet Film6.00per neg price

Film Scanning
MPI can scan any film size up to 8x10, including 35mm mounted slides.
Your scans can be saved to a CD, DVD, or USB drive(supplied by customer)