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Finishing Services

Lacquer spray - Lacquer spray helps protect the surface of the print from dust, humidity, air pollutants, and harmful UV rays. This coating is an inexpensive way to help prolong the life of your print. It is available in matte or luster finish.

Art board mount - To greater protect your image from everyday handling, or to make it easier for framing, we can mount it on art board. We use Para Mount quad ply archival mount board. The board is mounted flush to the edge of the print. Art board is only available for prints up to 20x24.

Foam core mount - We can mount any size prints on .25" foam core. For prints larger than 20x24 needing to be mounted, foam core is standard. White is the standard color, but black is also available by request.

Gatorfoam mount - If you prefer a more rigid backing, we have .25" black Gatorfoam. Gatorfoam consists of a foam inner core faced on both sides by smooth, wood fiber veneers. (.5" Gatorfoam also available by request)

Sintra mount - For a professional look that's ready to hang, Sintra mounting is available. Sintra is a lightweight, rigid foamed PVC sheet that is non-warping. The edge is beveled, and a wooden frame is attached to the back for hanging. Black is the standard color, but many other colors are available by request.

Canvas -Images are printed on canvas and can be mounted 3 different choose.

Canvas Stretch - The canvas stretch is what most people think of when they ask for canvas prints. The canvas is stretched over a .75" artist's frame just like a painter would use when painting a masterpiece. Since this type of canvas requires framing, the edges will be unfinished and may contain staples.

Canvas Masonite - The canvas masonite has the canvas texture, but not the artist's frame. It is attached to masonite, a composite wood panel. It also needs to be framed.

Gallery Wrap Canvas - The gallery wrap canvas extends the image around the edge of the 1.5" canvas frame. This may not work for certain images, so we can mirror the edges or have a solid color for the edges. It is displayed without a frame.