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Artwork can be as simple as adding text to a photo or as complex as removing objects from the image.
We can clean up facial blemishes, soften wrinkles, remove braces, open eyes, swap heads, blend flesh tones,
remove/add people and objects, change backgrounds, etc.

Price: $40.00/ hour, billed by the quarter hour

Photo Restoration

We will make a digital copy of your original and then make all the corrections to that copy.
We will not alter your original. All our work is done in house so your original never leaves our location.
We can repair old, faded, water damaged, cracked, and torn images.

Price: Scan charge(see scanning section) PLUS $40.00/ hour, billed by the quarter hour, for the restoration

All originals are different so we must be able to view the image to give you an estimate on the cost to repair it.